accounting1Why Is Accounting Important to Business?

Accounting is important to business, because it is the base that offers great support to management for planning, controlling as well as decision making process. It is with the aid of accounting information that the performance of a unit can be evaluated, at the same time as, its logical records make possible to get rid of the frauds and the thefts.

South Africa is desperately short of actuaries, accountants, auditors, lawyers and managers. These professions usually require that accounting should be studied as one of the subjects at the Tertiary level. To qualify, you should achieve at least 70% in the Matric Final exams – otherwise you are unlikely to qualify or pass this subject at the Tertiary level.

Combining good marks in English, Accounting, Maths and Science will certainly set you up for a very successful career in one of these professions!

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Good luck with your accounting studies!