04. Data handling Grade 12 Maths Literacy – Free Example

//04. Data handling Grade 12 Maths Literacy – Free Example
04. Data handling Grade 12 Maths Literacy – Free Example 2017-10-05T15:27:07+00:00

Grade 12

image002Topic: 1.4 Data handling

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Use your own textbook and supplement with any others that you can find
Vodacom tutorials, lessons & interactive tests:  Tutorials & tests
Go through each of the lessons/tutorials and then do the interactive test on the section of work at the end of the last lesson/tutorial.
E-classroom worksheets – pick what you need: Worksheets
1. Extra materials that can be done by teacher or learners from PowerPoint in World of teaching: – for extension or revision: World of teaching  
2. CK12 Interactive tests        Pick which topics you need from these ranges.
3. What can I do with Maths Literacy?  200 different careers!  Careers in Maths Literacy   See what marks you need.
  1. Do exercise from your school textbook and/or
  2. Exercises and questions from Pythagoras or Answer Series Books.
  3. Exam papers:  Exemplar exam papers  
  4. Matric past papers:   Matric past papers 2013 – 2015
Mindset Learn short video clips:  Data collection, representing & summarising
Mindset Learn video clip long clip – excellent summary for day before learners tested: Data handling summary
This dictionary will help you to remember all the different terms.
Maths Dictionary