Learner competition entries 6 Feb 2015

/Learner competition entries 6 Feb 2015
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Matthew Symon Herzlia CT Grade 12 79% to 86%

I use these resources most schooldays, it has boosted my marks and confidence in a normally ‘difficult’ subject. This material being free, still baffles me as they are so beneficial and could cost hundreds of Rands. I hope in the future that all students have access to this amazing material!

Gift Langa  Fumana Secondary School Katlehong  Matric finals  Science 83% to 95% Maths 87% to 100%!

My marks for these two subjects went from A to A+. During the year of study I wanted to access more study materials but most of them are expensive, I was excited to find free materials that can help me achieve my goal. I will study electrical engineering at Wits University in 2015.

Sonwabile Sati  Alexander Road High  PE   G 11 Maths 75% to 88%

After using this website my Maths marks have improved and have made me more confident in this subject. When I’m older I want to do Actuarial Science which is why I’ll continue using this website for Grade 11 and Matric. Thank you for making Maths more exciting and fun!

Justin Myerson  Herzlia CT Science Grade 11 65% to 82%

I have found the information very informative, and I enjoy how it is summarized, not overloading with information. The annotated videos are also helpful, as it strongly reinforces the information provided. Access to more material would be strongly beneficial for me, and it would quench my thirst for knowledge.

Lucky Kgasago   Lepelle secondary school.  Marble Hall  G 11 Maths 69% to 83%  Science 68% to 69%

The material helped in physical science a lot, I struggled with definitions, so I found a handy document with definitions from grade 10-12 and I practiced everyday with that document. Along with my study group we used the notes during our sessions, as a presentation on my laptop, and tried the questions after on our own (maths and science). And this year I look forward using the question papers found in my Gr 12 science CAPS file. It is great to get free study material for free, keep up the kind work.

Janke Loxton   Linkside High School  PE.  G 11 Maths  >50% to 69%

Klasse wat ek bywoon maak wiskunde soveel makliker.  Ek verstaan die werk  en het selfvertroue om toetse, vraestelle te beantwoord.  Ek gebruik die boeke vir voorbereiding vir toetse en het geleer dat Wiskunde ‘n leer vak is net soos enige ander vak. Baie dankie, sonder julle sou ek dit nie kon doen nie.

Brendan Weaver  Herzlia CT  Science Grade 11 64% to 88%

I print out the slides and stick them on different sides of my room to encourage the promotion of innovative thinking and reinforced Science. I feel privileged, to say the least, that I have the opportunity to learn from such informative slides. Other children should also get this privilege.

Shaheer Singh:  Sastri College Durban  G 11 Maths 85% to89% Science 75% to80%

Hi, my mom downloaded the app and sent the link to me, I thought it would be a waste of time until I needed help with some topics in physics and a few problems in maths. I used the app to find and do similar problems. The answers could show where I was making a mistake. It has been a very helpful tool, it is convenient and easy to use. I have recommended it to all of my friends. Thanks for all the help, kind regards $$$

Onalenna Magano:  Lebone II College, Pretoria   Maths G 10 Maths 28% in June to 36% in Nov 2014

I am so grateful for the study materials. They assisted me to improve my performance in Grade 10 Mathematics. Though the improvement is small, I only started using them at the end of the year. This year I will start with the materials for Mathematics Grade 11 right away.

Mikka Chesno  Herzlia CT  Science 65% to 82%

I have used your materials when there is a practical assessment at school during a Science lesson. Being able to use materials and actually seeing and doing what we have been learning from a text book really helps us find our own solutions to our own problems. I enjoy it.

Zanele Mangena:   Rand Girls’ School JHB      Matric 2014  Physical Science 55% June to 71% Finals

I improved greatly in physical science from 55% in my grade 12 June exam to 71% in my finals. The resources are comprehensive and easy to understand and they are readily available and easy to access. They have allowed me to achieve my matric. I am truly grateful!

Teagan Levin  Herzlia Science CT  Grade 11  80% to 85%

It so beneficial because the slides we see in class are accessible to everyone which allows us to have all the information and videos in the comfort of our own homes. I love having different, creative resources to learn from and that is why it’s so useful for many students

Gcinani Mtembu  Thanduyise High School Empangeni  G 12 30% to 51%

it gives tips on how to solve a solution and define the words for us which it easy for us to understand what are we supposed to do in sum or on that particular problem that has been given and it gives us examples of different problem and exercise solution.

Jonny Friedman Herzlia CT Grade 11 60% to 80%

Science was the first subject I ever worked hard at and did well at. It helped me to clean up my life and realize that I can achieve my dreams through hard work and dedication. Thank you Maths and Science Marketing!

Leteboho Matoba Achils Pitso  Jeppe Education Centre  JHB Grade 12  57% to 71% Maths & Sciences

During my research about,’Actuaries’,maths&science.com came my way. Study Secret for Maths &science by John took me from nowhere. I’m looking forward to seeing improvement and awesome results this year. I’m so happy with these study materials. Thanks

Ethan Shirk  Herzlia CT  Grade 11 Science 80% to 90%

Herzlia High School Supply us with your slides as our Workbook in class. I really like being able to follow up on sections with your slides, as the links to YouTube are very good for reinforcing material. I would love the access. More people should have access to this website. 

Munashe Magidi  Belgravia HS CT Maths & Science Grade 11 40% to 60%

I used material at home before class staying ahead of everyone. Created mind maps and drawings. I did teach backs. Consistently worked with website.  Free material is a great thing allows to equip the learners of SA greatly. Yes more learners should be able to access the website.

Roland Dubb  Herzlia CT Science Grade 11 88% to 94%

Materials – used every day in class in a printed out slide book and our teacher on the SmartBoard. Materials help illustrate his points effectively and offers a reteach opportunity. More learners and teachers should have access to the materials and 100000 pages of the materials would improve my resources.