Grade: 10

10 Topic: Atomic Structure 4 hrs = 6 x 40 min lessons

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Use 27 PowerPoint slides from MSM website as the teaching format (No 3) for the medium of instruction for the lesson:
MSM G 10 Teaching & learning Atomic model slides in PowerPoint
You can also use the 27 PDF slides instead (No 3) – quicker and links work more efficiently:
MSM G 10 Teaching & learning Atomic model slides in PDF
1. Get learners to skim-read hand-out or learner workbooks of this section on the first day – to get the gist of this section:  MSM G 10 Teaching & learning Atomic model hand-outs in PDF
2. Learners to do the exercise at the end of the chapter from the text book:
History of atomic structure:  YOUTUBE Atomic structure
Extra materials that can be done by teacher or learners from PowerPoint in World of teaching for extension or revision World of teaching
Learners to do worksheet in class/homework.
Test your knowledge CK12 Test yourself Atoms MCQ   Exercises or questions from Quanta, Physichem or Answer Series Books.
Mindset Learn short video clips:  Mindset Learn short videos Atomic structure
Mindset Learn video long clip – excellent summary for day before learners tested:
Mindset Learn long video clip Atomic structure
Vodacom interactive facility for use in class:
Vodacom interactive quiz
Use this dictionary to ensure you know the meaning of scientific words and phrases.
Science dictionary