JOURNAL – (noun) 1. A journal is a daily record of what happens. “She kept a journal of their travels”. 2. A journal is also another name for a news paper or magazine. See BOOKKEEPING for another meaning of journal.

JUNCTION – (noun) A junction is a place where things join. For example a railway junction is a place where railway lines from different places all come together.” The junction of the 2 railway lines is at Johannesburg. The two lines on this paper join at point B.

JUST has more than one meaning. 1. It means according to what is agreed to be right and fair. See ACCORDING TO. “It was not just – (adjective) that I should be punished for the wrongs that he did.” “It was just that he did not pass his exam because he did no work and often did not go to school. “ 2. It also means no more than. “There was just – (adverb) enough paint to finish painting the wall.” 3. It also means almost exactly. “That is just the right amount of money to pay your bills.” 4. It also means a short while ago. “He has just come. She has just left.” 5. Just now means only a short time ago. “He came just now.” 6. Just now also means a short time in the future. “I will go just now.”