KEYBOARD – (noun) A key board is something that has rows of things that you can push which are called ‘keys’. When you strike a key on the keyboard of a piano you get a musical note. When you press a key on a type writer keyboard a letter gets typed.

KILOGRAM – (noun) A kilogram is a measure of weight. There are 1000 grams in a kilogram. “My weight is 60 kg.” Kg is short for kilogram. See MASS.

KILOLITRE – (noun) A Kilolitre is a measure of volume. There are 1000 litres in a Kilolitre.” The water tank holds 10 kilolitres of water.

KILOMETRE – (noun) A kilometre is a measure of distance. There are 1000 metres in a kilometre. “I am late for school because the bus broke down and I had to walk 10 km.” Km is short for kilometres.

KILOS – (noun) is short for kilograms or kilometres depending of the way it is used. “I had to walk 10 kilos.” “He weighs 40 kilos.

KNOW – (verb) 1. Know means to have the information about something. “I know the answer to that sum.” 2.’I know arithmetic’ would also mean that you can do arithmetic “I know how to bake a cake.

KNOWN – (verb) is the past of know. “How long have you known her?