QED This stands for the Latin words ‘ Quod erat demonstrandum’ which means ‘What had to be proved’. QED is usually written at the end of the proof of a theorem.

QUADRANT – (noun) A quadrant has two meanings in maths. See diagrams 11.

QUADRATIC – (adjective) A quadratic equation has the form ax&>2 &> + bx + c = 0. When graphed it forms a parabola. See EQUATION & PARABOLA. See Appendix II.9 for further information.

QUADRILATERAL – (adjective) A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides. See POLYGON & diagram 8.

QUADRUPLE – (verb) means to make something 4 times as big.” He quadrupled his income by working days and evenings from Mondays to Saturdays instead of working only several mornings a week.

QUALIFY – (verb) 1. Qualify means to achieve the quality needed. It is often used to do with a job. “He won’t get that job because he is not qualified to do that work. Now that I have finished my training as an electrician and passed my exams I qualify for that job in the electricity department. “2. In grammar qualify has a special meaning and is used to describe what adjectives and adverbs do. In grammar qualify means to add to the meaning by giving some additional quality. “He runs fast.” ‘Fast’ is an adverb which qualifies the verb ‘runs’. It tells that the quality of running was ‘fast’. He is reading a good book. ‘good’ is an adjective which qualifies the noun ‘book’. It tells that the quality of the book was ‘good’.

QUALITY – (noun) 1. Quality is something special about a thing that makes it the way it is. “This dress material has a rough quality.” See MATERIAL. 2. Very often when you use the word quality you are speaking about something that is expected to be good.” The quality of this material is very good, but it is very expensive. This man only makes the best quality pies. He” “goes for quality not quantity. Because he makes poor quality clothes he has to sell them at a low price.

QUANTITY – (noun) A quantity of something is an amount of something usually that can be measured. “The thieves stole a large quantity of money. When they were caught the amount of money was counted and found to be a million Rand. What quantity of petrol does the petrol tank of that car hold? It holds 60 litres.

QUARTER – (noun) A quarter is a fourth part of something. It is written 1/4.” As there are 4 of us you should divide the cake into quarters.

QUESTION – (noun) A question is something that needs an answer. When you want to find out something you ask a question so that you can get an answer. “The question is how many children are in this class. The answer is 40. ” A question in maths usually needs some working out for someone to be able to give the answer. See ANSWER & WORK OUT.

QUESTION MARK – (noun) A question mark looks like this? You always put a question mark at the end of a sentence asking a question. The question mark is used instead of a full stop. “Why must I go? When will she come?

QUOTATION 1. Quotation is the noun from quote. “The exam paper asked for a quotation from the poem” “.” 2. Quotation is also the name used for the price worked out for a job of work. “Because the quotation for the house was too high we did not build it. “ See QUOTE.

QUOTE – (verb) 1. Quote means to repeat the exact words of someone.” When he came home from the meeting he quoted what the speaker had to say. ” 2. In written language you use quotation marks at the beginning and end of words that you quote. Se e PUNCTUATION. To quote also means to work out a price for doing some work. “He quoted me R500 to repair my car.” Quote can also be used as a noun. “He gave me a quote to repair my car.”

QUOTIENT – (noun) is the name for the answer you get when one number is divided by another. In the sum 10 divided by 5 equals 2, 2 is the quotient, 5 is called the divisor and 10 the dividend. In the sum 13 divided by 4 the quotient is 3 with a remainder of 1.