MindsetAbout Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn creates digital curriculum aligned educational content for learners and teachers made available on TV, online and on DVD. (You may also buy the DVD products if you wish.)

The content is divided into Learn content (Teaching resources) and Learn Xtra content (Revision resources).

Learn Content (Teaching resources)

  • Resources designed for teachers and learners in class
  • Carefully scaffolded to teach concepts “from the ground up”
  • Show experiments, demonstrations and real life applications

Learn Xtra Content (Revision resources)

  • Resources are designed for learners
  • Produced to the highest educational and production standards.
  • Video lessons with supporting PDF notes provide overviews and summaries of the most difficult and important sections.
  • Focus on the application of concepts and offer exam practice.

The Learn Xtra sub-programme consists of:

  • Learn Xtra Live
  • Learn Xtra Lessons
  • Learn Xtra Revision

Resources (videos & PDFs etc.) for school subjects in:

Just click on the link below, select your subject and topic and see if it is of interest and use to you in your daily, test or exam preparation!