Grade: 12

12 Topic: Alternating current 4 hrs = 6 x 40 min lessons

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Use 9 PowerPoint slides from MSM website (No 26) as the teaching format for the medium of instruction for the lesson:

MSM Alternating current in PowerPoint

You can also use the 9 PDF slides (No 26) instead – quicker and links work more efficiently:
MSM Alternating current in PDF

1.Get learners to skim-read hand-out or learner workbooks of this section on the first day – to get the gist of this section:MSM Alternating current hand-out in PDF

2. Learners to do the exercise at the end of the chapter from the text book:

No suitable experiments

Extra materials that can be done by teacher or learners: World of Teaching – for extension or revision:         World of teaching
Household electricity

Learners to do worksheet in class: MSM Worksheet
Worksheets or questions from Quanta, Physichem or Answer Series Books.

Mindset Learn video clip long clip – excellent summary for day before learners tested: Mindset Learn long video clip

Or shorter clips: Mindset Learn short video clips

Excellent, new Vodacom teaching and learning materials.

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Use this dictionary to ensure you know the meaning of scientific words and phrases.
Science dictionary