Teacher entries for competition 6 Feb 2015

/Teacher entries for competition 6 Feb 2015
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Kleopas I T Uushona  Otshipya Combined School, Omusati Region, Namibia  Grade 8 Maths  45% to 65%

I used the materials last year towards the year end examination as a form of revision.  I have downloaded the version and used it sometimes as a presentation lesson. It was a very nice supplement to my teaching. Learners viewing presentations, which you can easily pause and they ask clarifications and also have had a chance to discuss certain aspects. It was really an eye opener for both me and also my learners to see and  to be able to use various strategies to reach an answer. I like the various assessment activities. They were so useful to the learners as they gave them an opportunity to get involved in critically thinking mathematically.

Sometimes I also used these materials to design a mastery test which prepared learners for the final examination. In addition, I have also used these materials to capture the attention and create a love of the subject by the learners through use of attractive strategies such as quizzes and Olympiad competitions. All these efforts have really seen a positive response toward the subject by the learners. Hence, the improvement. I wish if I could use it for longer, magical improvement will soon be a reality.  I thus have no hesitation in recommending these helpful materials to both teachers and learners. I thus advise parents to see to it as having a second teacher for their children.

Judy Nel  Urban Academy  P.E.  Unqualified teacher G 12 Science 50% to 70%

My Gr 12 group of 8 very bright students found the power points and exam papers very useful.  I am not a qualified physics teacher and your materials prepared me too.  Students used the apps on their phones for revision. Fantastic resource!

Fumai Martin  John Orr Technical High School  JHB G 10 Science 44% to 68%

Materials were evaluated and easily downloadable. These were used mainly for weekend extra-lessons. Learners downloaded adobe reader and received materials on their phones through BBM & e-mail accounts whenever & wherever. Those absent from school had access to work covered. It felt Trendy & the in thing.  I felt 21st century educator.

George Gwazawafa  Stonefountain College Kenilworth Cape Town  Science 43% to 51%

We are now able to use the projector in lesson delivery which makes it easy for learners to visualize explanations and diagrams. We used to use only whiteboards prior to this. The content is spot on and the notes are in point form, which is easier for learners to grasp. Thank you

Annette van der Merwe  Oudtshoorn High School  G 12 Maths  50% to 54%

I love using technology in Maths.  I like to show them interesting video clips to help them understand Maths concepts better. The children’s marks improved because they love to see and use the interactive activities.  A Maths teacher in 2015 must use the internet and technology to teach their lessons.

Leigh Shaw-Taylor  Rosebank Primary School  JHB  G 6: Insufficient materials available

I was lucky enough to get a smart interactive board for my classroom. In addition to using smart notebook, I am always looking for resource materials and interactive games for the learners to use during the lessons. It would be fantastic if your materials would extend to the primary school. 

Adegboyega Adedirin  St. Georges Diocesan College Windhoek, Namibia Maths 45% to 60%

What has assisted me greatly is to use technology effectively in my lesson preparation.  YouTube in particular.  I have realized that there are usually more thought provoking methods of teaching every conceivable topic. Thus reliance on the recommended textbook alone is not enough.

Makaya Dlanga  Vulamazibuko High School  EL G 12 Science 95% pass to 100% pass

From the day I have been introduced to the Maths and Science website, I went through the material that is available, including tests and classworks, and these have worked out wonders for me both in Maths for grade 10 and Physical Sciences for grade 12. The percentage pass increased by 5 %.

Thembinkosi Emmanuel Langa  Thukela High School KZN  G 10, 11 & 12

It was my first time to use your materials.  I am planning to download the material and try to follow your methods. I will try to test my learners using your test material to see whether they are following or not.  I am still learning to download your equipment to a computer.

Majeletje Mogaladi: Legaletlwa Senior Secondary Jane Furse  G 12 Maths 36% to 53%

The materials easy to use for learners and as educator it help in the facilitation.  Teaching is about how learners understood the concept and these materials make it easy.  For being in Limpopo with books shortages it helps in the downloading of the exercises and solutions.

Sinenhlanhla Khumalo  United Church School  JHB.  G 10 & 11 Maths 55% to 73%

I used your material to explain various concepts in mathematics grade 10 and 11 and I also used it to give my learners a very helpful exercises or problems in which they will use to practice and progress so as they did. I believe that more teachers will join this.

Moses Musawenkosi Xulu   Ntolwane Primary  Nkandla  G 6 & 7 Natural Science & technology  40% to 58%

The materials are very good as it improves my confidence it also improve and create enthusiasm for my learners in a sense that though we live in rural area but we have no difference to learners in urban it a wow to use them.