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why-register-teacherMany teachers do not have the skills, experience, knowledge or confidence to embark upon using new materials, methods, methodologies and the technology required in the classroom in the 21st century.  Maths & Science Marketing is able and happy to provide teacher training, wherever possible, for those schools that require it.

MSM will do whatever they can to assist with the funding from sponsors.


Teacher training workshops at schools around the country

The workshops will consist of the following components:

  • Duration: 2 – 3 hours in the afternoons or Saturday mornings
  • Introduction & motivation
  • Presentation of all the different types of materials for teachers of Maths & Science
  • How best to use all the products at school/in the classroom and at home by learners
  • Using our products by learners for homework
  • How best to use the materials in a school computer centre
  • Using our materials for Saturday, Spring, Autumn and Winter school programmes
  • Using our materials for afternoon and Saturday tutorials
  • How to fund the necessary hardware and internet connectivity that is required in all the classrooms for the maximum benefit of all teachers and learners.

We know that schools, teachers and learners will all benefit greatly from our worthwhile training workshops.

Basic requirements for Teacher workshops or major presentations.pdf

presentPowerPoint & PDF presentation for teacher training at workshops

The following PowerPoint and PDF slide presentations have been set up for Trainers, Head Teachers, HODs, as well as Subject Advisors to train Maths & Science teachers on how to best use our materials and methodology in the classroom, as well as inform teachers as to how their learners can also use our materials and methodology effectively at home on their own computers, tablets and smartphones.

The 100 000 Maths & Science teaching and learning pages can be downloaded by parents, teachers, learners or anyone else, to computers, tablets or smartphones all for FREE!

Training presentation in PowerPoint
Training presentation in PDF

Teacher workshop manual

This manual gives an idea of the concept, type, venue, duration and format of the teacher workshops that we run.  These workshops are usually run in a school computer lab where there are 20 – 30 computers, each with suitable, adequate Internet connectivity.

Click on the link below:


If you would like more information or to try and set up a workshop please contact John at: mwteach@mweb.co.za


If your school is interested in such a training workshop for your teachers, please contact us for more information, specific requirements and possible dates.  

N.B. Please contact John Bransby by completing the ‘Leave a Reply’ form below, or send John an email to mwteach@mweb.co.za for more information and the setting up of proposed dates, venues and times.

Projects sponsored by Corporates 

The management at Maths & Science Marketing have been involved in running projects in Township & other schools since the early 1980s and have been involved with projects sponsored by:

  • Volkswagen SA
  • General Motors SA
  • The Shuttleworth Foundation
  • The Sainsbury Trust ( UK)
  • USAID (National SA Dinaledi schools)
  • Investec Bank
  • Standard Bank
  • Coca Cola etc

We are thus very experienced at running projects at local, Provincial and National levels and the numbers of schools have varied between 10 and 200 schools for each of the different projects.

Click here to view MSM Teacher workshop summary stats

If you are interested in having us run a project for your organisation – please contact us for further information at:    mwteach@mweb.co.za 

At Maths & Science Marketing, we believe that it is absolutely vital that Corporate SA gets involved with the sponsorship and support of teacher training and provision of teaching and learning materials in these crucial subjects if we are to provide for the important industrial and commercial requirements of our country for the next 20 years!