website_flyer_colour_A5_2-upBelow are Maths and Science information/advertising flyers saved in print-ready PDF files in various sizes from A6 to A4 – all FREE to download, print and distribute to all the learners that you know.


Even if you, as a teacher, decide not to use our materials and methodology in your classroom, please ensure that every learner that you know has at least received one of these pamphlets and thus has FREE access to these excellent, useful materials and methodology.


As a learner, please print and distribute to all your friends.

Thank you for your interest in promoting better Maths & Science teaching and learning!

We desperately need more doctors, actuaries, engineers, lawyers, scientists and professionally trained and qualified people.

John Bransby




Black and White flyers for printing:

  1. website_flyer_bw_A4
  2. website_flyer_bw_A5_2-up
  3. website_flyer_bw_A6_4-up

Colour flyers for printing:

  1. website_flyer_colour_A4
  2. website_flyer_colour_A5_2-up
  3. website_flyer_colour_A6_4-up