Endorsement Letters & other items of interest

We are very proud of the following endorsements, quotes, interviews and articles about our materials, methodology and website!

  1. Prof J Jansen Endorsement letter of new website Rector of University of the Orange Free State
  2. Principal, teacher and learner comments from 16 pilot schools
  3. Listen to Greg Whittaker being interviewed by John Robbie on the Radio 702 John Robbie show via SoundCloud
  4. Online article posted about Maths & Science in YOU Magazine 18 July 2013: You.co.za
  5. Endorsement by Prof Dr JG Maree, Psychologist from the University of Pretoria
  6. Article in the Times – Online classroom will improve maths marks
  7. Inspired Parenting – forum entry about Maths & Science free downloads
  8. Dr Stacey Nickson from the Biggio Learning Center at Auburn University USA 
  9. the Muse – Pinelands Community Magazine
  10. Business concerned about the future!
  11. Accountants keep sharp eye on Maths & Science results – Business Day
  12. Science sets up your future!
  13. 2014 Matric Maths & Science results worse than in 2013!
  14. Some teacher comments from each SA Province
  15. Kaelly Berkovitz Science project on MSM website

The goal of ASSA and MSM is to assist every Maths & Science teacher and learner in South Africa to improve their teaching and learning respectively, so that learners may achieve marks above 70% and thus qualify and pass at the tertiary level in these crucial subjects.

The following organisations have helped us to promote our goal and we thank them most sincerely for their contributions.


South Africa has worst Maths and Science Education in the world: World Economic Forum Assessment May 2014

President Zuma on Schooling in SA

From top matric pupil to actuarial scientist