Blended_Learning21st century teaching and learning requires that we make full use of all  the different techniques and technology available to us, to ensure that learners achieve their maximum potential and thus achieve the very best possible marks in their final school examinations!

Achieving above 70% in these crucial subjects, will enable learners to qualify and be successful in studying these important subjects at the tertiary level.  This will ensure that we have enough doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, mathematicians and scientists for the future!

Blended learning makes use of:

  • Home & Classroom teaching & learning
  • Stimulating learning & teaching materials
  • Simulations
  • Video clips
  • Worksheets
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Homework
  • Games
  • Sample tests & exams
  • Earning badges for work completed
  • Using a Learning Management System
  • Downloading & using on computers, tablets & mobile phones


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